Sharing stories since the dawn of time

From the caves of Lascaux to modern 3-D movie theaters, people have been gathering in dimly lit rooms sharing stories and experiences since the dawn of time. As our world becomes more and more “electronically” engaged, the ritual of gathering together to share experiences and dreams increasingly gains more importance. The intangible exchange that takes place between performer and audience in live theater creates a vital connection as all participants begin to perceive what it is to be human.

After a hiatus from producing live theater, The Oasis Theatre Company is thrilled to be returning to “the boards” this summer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our production of Marriage by the Masters presents an assortment of classic plays on the subject of love and marriage. With a company of highly trained, skilled actors, we will have the opportunity to explore the magic of live theater. Each actor will play two or three roles during the course of the evening. Presenting plays by Shaw, Chekhov and Moliere, the production will explore the different styles, social mores and culture of each play. As an added treat, at intermission the audience will have the opportunity to imbibe in each country’s special cuisine. Tied to our mission of shedding new light on old perceptions, we hope that, as the audience experience the specifics of these playwrights’ world, the human universalities of life will be revealed.

During the coming weeks, we look forward to sharing thoughts about these great playwrights, the complex subject of marriage, wedding rituals and little white lies, just to name a few things. Let the conversations begin!