What's in a name?


When we set out to start a theater in New York City a few years back, the naming of our adventure was quite a process. Rooted in the belief that the theater is a sanctuary where we explore what it is to be and become human, we pulled out our Merriam-Webster’s Thesaurus (a staple in every writer’s library) and began with the word “sanctuary.” To our revelation, the word shelter was among the list of synonyms. Shelter—a place of refuge, a safe harbor, a home. Shelter then led us to “oasis.”

Huzzah! We had our name.

It encapsulates our goals—providing a safe environment for an ensemble of actors to experiment and grow as artists; a playground where audience and actor are able to delight in the different worlds created by playwrights; and, last but not least, a place where we shed new light on old perceptions—The Oasis Theatre Company.

That’s our name.