We are currently touring The Diaries of Adam and Eve as "translated" by America's favorite humorist and writer, Mark Twain. Written in diary form including illustrations, Adam and Eve describe their thoughts, perceptions of one another, and their adventures. While the story of Adam and Eve is well-known, Twain definitely puts his own mark on it. Amidst the garden and apples and snakes, Adam and Eve must grapple with their own relationship. They both have opinions of life in the garden and of each other. The production is a compilation of excerpts from the diaries and promises to be filled with humor, revelations, and insights into the human condition as well as visuals from the book.

An abbreviated version of the production will be presented at Theatre Santa Fe's "Theatre Walk" on Saturday, September 15 between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. at The Annex performance space (next door to Teatro Paraguas), 3205 Calle Marie.

For more information and tickets, call us at 917-439-7708. See you at the theater!