March 2020 - A Month of Irish

Outside Mullingar by John Patrick Shanley

Our return to the Santa Fe Theater scene will commence in March 2020. We are planning a month of Irish plays, music and dancing. Why celebrate on one day when we have the entire month.

Our first production will be Outside Mullingar by John Patrick Shanley. This poignant, passionate love story that anchored on a fight over a little piece of land.

The Oasis Theatre Company Inc., as an ensemble theater company, focuses on productions that emphasize the actor as storyteller and language as the tool. Theater came into existence from people’s need to share their experiences. It was a way of passing on from generation to generation the myths and legends of a culture, lifting people out of their daily experiences to the level of the gods, reinforcing their beliefs and giving them a new perspective on life. It is our belief that, in sharing stories and experiences, we become closer to those around us. We achieve a better understanding of who we are as people by shedding new light on old perception.

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Our Story

The Oasis Theatre Company was formed in 1988 with the mission to shed new light on old perceptions. After converting a manufacturing space into its home in the East Village, The Oasis Theatre produced more than 100 plays in a 10-year span. Productions ranged from contemporary playwrights such as Thornton Wilder, Tennessee Williams, Sam Shepard and David Mamet to classical masters such as Molière, Shaw, Shakespeare, Ibsen and Chekhov.

In 1999, The Oasis Theatre relocated to Claryville, New York. The Oasis received grants to perform children’s plays and conduct workshops with several schools serving Sullivan and Ulster counties. The Oasis produced a film based upon Ring Lardner’s "The Haircut" that premiered at the 2005 DIGit Festival.  In 2016, The Oasis began to transition the theater to Santa Fe, New Mexico . . . a long journey home. Since that time, The Oasis has produced 4 productions and is planning a 5th in October. In addition, beginning in August 2018, we will begin converting The Annex (next door to Teatro Paraguas) into a performance space. We are planning on a production in November 2018.

Our History

Click here to learn more about our past productions.

Our Goals

Produce high-quality theatrical productions with an emphasis on the actor as storyteller, language the tool;
Provide educational programming for children and adults that explores a variety of theatrical experiences;
Celebrate the accomplishments of our community, cast, crew and volunteers;
Create value for our honored audience and supporters;
Connect with our community through participation and enrichment; and
Shed new light on old perceptions.